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DVI кабеля — Видео

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If you own a computer and want to get the most out of it or your using it for video editing or gaming, you may have bought a new graphics card and you may notice along side the blue VGA or d-sub socket (the one you plug your monitor into) there may be a longer white (sometimes yellow, black, and even gray) socket, it may be labeled DVI (digital video interface). most monitors are coming with this type of connection now and you may think great ill go out and buy a DVI cable and make use of that socket, but you know theirs loads of different types of DVI cable, and if you don't know you may buy the wrong one get home and find it doesn't fit, AHHH, NOW WHAT…

This video will hopefully prevent this annoying but VERY common situation.

This is a video showing you 5 different types of DVI cable what they do and more importantly how they are different.

More info coming soon…

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